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Getting Started With Tensorflow



It is an open source library for machine learning. It was developed at Google by Google brain team.
For more info regarding Tensorflow check the Wikipedia entry.

Getting Started with Installation

Referring to GitHub link and choosing the virtual environment Installation Procedure.
Following this link here for installation procedure of Tensorflow library  CPU version. We can choose any version listed along with CPU/GPU version.
After activating the python virtual environment as listed on installation manual console of our environment will be changed like this as in the picture below.
Console window changed with (tensorflow) at beginning. 
After this steps below,
 pip install --upgrade $TF_BINARY_URL
Faced a problem during installation with this message in console.
tensorflow-0.11.0-cp27-none-linux_x86_64.whl is not a supported wheel on this platform.

Troubleshooting installation problem

Since this wheel was built using python 2.7 as we choose to install Tensorflow with python 2.7 and the pip using python 3 won't be able to install it.
 So using pip2 instead of pip like below we will be able to install it.
pip2 install --upgrade $TF_BINARY_URL

If problem faced with permission and operation not permitted use sudo 
make sure to use python 2 or the compatible python version according to your installation manual.

If further error faced following this link here will help.
Installation in progress
Installation of Tensorflow in progress
Checking out and testing the installation from command line as stated here in this link

Happy Learning
 I will be posting another post soon on this blog.
Comment here if you faced any problem :)

I will be more than happy to help you


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